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Cement Silo Cleaning
Posted by Dennis Blauser, March 21, 2023
Cement plant facility managers understand the importance of limiting downtime and ensuring cement silos maintain optimum storage capacities. However, without a routine inspection, cleaning, and maintenance schedule, moisture intrusion and/or impaction can lead to material buildup, blockages, and material flow issues. Air pads and other fluidizing equipment also needs to be inspected and serviced regularly by a professional silo cleaning company to ensure correct operation. These common silo problems can cause shifts in the production schedule that greatly impact the bottom line.
How do you clean a cement silo?
USA Silo Service can clean, inspect, and maintain your cement storage silo or dome. For nearly thirty years, we've repeatedly seen that our enhanced pneumatic cleaning method with our proprietary cleanout head, The Boss™, is the most powerful silo cleaning method available. The USA Silo Service cleaning solution is 2/3 more powerful than conventional cleaning methods. In addition, since The Boss moves more material per hour, our system delivers optimal cleaning quickly and correctly, resulting in less downtime and production loss, ultimately saving you money.
How do you improve cement plant operations?
Cleaning, inspecting, and maintaining your cement silo is one of the best ways to improve your cement plant operations. A clean, well-maintained silo not only helps you stick to production schedules and yield maximum production, it also helps you ensure the quality of your product and protect employee safety.
Schedule your next silo cleaning today. The Boss silo cleaning machine and USA Silo Service can help you return to a regular silo cleaning schedule to maximize efficiency, production, and safety.