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Skipping Silo Inspections? Think Again.
Posted by Dennis Blauser, October 30, 2023
It's easy to overlook your silo, but it's beneficial to make it part of your routine to inspect it for any signs of alteration, such as concrete cracking or roof-top coatings peeling and flaking. While you should regularly examine your silo exterior, the only reliable way to determine what preventive maintenance is needed is to have a professional inspect the silos.
Silo inspection is the most effective, preventive method to ensure concrete and steel structures, surfaces, and silos remain safe and fully operational. Professional silo inspection covers more areas of the silo than an in-house inspection. During a professional inspection, experts with experience in inspection and/or a trained silo engineer will thoroughly analyze your silo(s) to identify any major issues.
Artificial intelligence (A.I.) supplemental inspections, offered exclusively by Marietta Silos, remove any guesswork regarding exterior silo inspection. Using drone capture technology, Marietta Silos can quickly and precisely inspect external silos or bulk storage containers with extreme accuracy. These images are then run through our A.I. algorithms, which are able to detect even small defects (smaller than 0.1 mm) and map the precise location onto the captured silo image for future examination.
Following a thorough, professional silo inspection, you receive a detailed list of recommended silo repairs. Taking action on the proposed silo repairs and maintenance ahead of time will help maintain the silo and lessen the likelihood of costly silo restoration down the line. The cost of preventive maintenance and silo restoration is minimal compared to the financial and physical toll that a full collapse can have on your company and team.
Best practices recommend professional inspections at two- to five-year intervals to help identify any issues that could lead to silo failure. For more information on silo intervals, view our video, How Often Should I Have My Silo Inspected, or plan your next silo inspection.