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Concrete Silo Resources

Mr Silo

Mr. Silo strives to provide you with topical, informative resources that can help you with your next project or with the continued maintenance of current concrete structures. Check back often for more bulletins on the latest safety recommendations and other design, material, or construction comparisons.

Concrete Silo Construction

Learn about the different types of concrete silos, how material flows through silos, determining your silo sizing and more in this article about silo construction.

Steel and Concrete Silo Inspection

It is recommended that you schedule regular silo inspections at two- to five-year intervals to help identify any issues that could lead to structural failure. Learn more about steel and concrete silo inspections.


Steel and Concrete Silo Repair
Extending the life of your existing silo through repairs can come at a fraction of the cost of constructing a new silo. Learn more about steel and concrete silo repair.


Silo Cleaning
No matter the stored material, every silo requires cleaning. Learn more about Silo and Bin Cleaning.


Silo Maintenance
While inspection of silos is the first step, following through with the necessary maintenance is the only way to prevent emergencies and potential structural failures. Learn more about Silo Maintenance.


Advantages of Concrete

A comparison of concrete and steel that outlines the numerous advantages concrete has over steel for the construction of silos.


Concrete vs Steel: Why Steel Silos Fail

This bulletin examines the possible safety risks of steel silo construction through a number of recent reports of failure and damage and simple solutions to prevent future issues.

Supported vs. Suspended: Why Supported Cone Hoppers Outperform Suspended Hoppers in Safety and Personnel Protection

This safety bulletin outlines potential problems with suspended cone hopper design in silos and past cases of failure.


Published Articles

Take a look at insightful articles on a range of silo related topics written by our experts and published by a variety of industry publications.


Case Histories

Find examples of similar construction projects completed by Marietta Silos. While not an exhaustive list, you can read some highlights of past experience. Looking for examples of something specific? Contact Marietta Silos for more detailed case histories.